The SNKR Vault



$5 - $55

Required skills:

Graphic Design, Logo Design


Hey I’m interested in having a logo done for my business. Just something I could put on business cards/flyers/social medias. The name of my business is The SNKR Vault. I resell sought after streetwear and sneakers such yeezy or supreme. My idea is a vault door that has a sneaker coming out of it, or maybe a vault that is glass and you can see sneakers inside? I’d suggest looking up Hypebeast or sneakerhead to get a good understanding of my clientele. They’re mostly male between the ages of 16 and 25. Let me know if you think this is a a good fit and have any ideas any ideas. This is the main kind of thing I’m going for again the shoe doesn’t have to be really detailed, people should just be able to say hey that’s an Air Jordan 1. And the Vault doesn’t have to be nearly that detailed. Colors would be grays for the Vault and then whatever the shoes’ colors are. I added logos of the top brands I sell for inspiration as well - And I’d like it in a style similar to these I’ve pulled off google images/from my industry-