persistence of vision LED device toy industry



$500 - $750

Required skills:

Circuit Design, Electronics, Linear Programming, Microcontroller


Lionfish Development is a two man, independent product development company in the areas of toys and youth leisure products for over 25 years. The toys we have invented have been licensed to major toy companies worldwide and have sold in every mass retailer. We are currently working on a design that incorporates a spinning LED array, persistence of image. An example of a simple version of this is the popular fan that creates words and simple images by way of LEDs in the spinning fan blades. We are not happy with the stability of the image created by our prototype and would like someone with knowledge of this technology (programmable LEDs, POV) to tweak our design to make the image more stable. Knowledge of pcb, circuits, microcontollers, LEDs, adadfruit components, simple coding. We will provide necessary materials.