Executive Assistant for Software Engineer in Silicon Valley



$150 - $2500

Required skills:


I am seeking a kind and resourceful executive assistant to join my job search in Silicon Valley. I am a software engineer looking for a detail-oriented, resourceful individual to assist with basic project management, CRM tracking, and lead generation.

Ideal candidate has:
-Great organizational skills
-Detail oriented
-Natural problem-solving skills***
-Exceptional response time
-Project Management experience
-Likes to work fast!

I am looking for someone who has amazing organizational skills and is not afraid to take charge.
The ideal candidate does not just follow directions- they think critically and make suggestions for improvements. We want someone who takes initiative without being told.

This position would be a two-month contract for September and October 2019.

If interested, please answer the questions below!

1. Are you available for 5 days a week? What are the daily work hours you could accommodate? How many hours a week can you work?
2. What are your long-term career plans?
7. Would you be willing to complete a trial task?
8. Do you have sufficient spoken English skills?