Tech Savy Creative to co-create my website, Facebook, Instagram dear to my heart



$150 - $500

Required skills:

Content Writing, Facebook Advertising, Web Content, Web Design, Website Development



Work with me for 21 hours or more...over 3 days to co-create my reality. I need a 100% available competent creative to make it happen! We will work with a pre-fab gorgeous website design I have chosen from tonic website, called Moscow Mule: Take a look at this fully customizable web design.

Tonic sites can be customized to fit any brand & every style. I am a Transformational Healer/Counselor needing a platform to inform and market my brand/work in a sincere and personal way. My brand is who I am and why I do what I do: which is transform and heal people. Tonic Websites are made in wordpress no coding is required as in a Wordpress website design. If you have a beautiful minimal and zen esthetic and are tech savy and creative I need you to be the hands to create and customize the Moscow Mule design according to my instruction. I want to work with you with a shared screen and give instruction and see the immediate result. Working together is essential:

1. Add the copy content I provide. Change fonts when needed.
2. Add Images (some may need photoshopping)
3. Add Video (to know how to edit iPhone videos also)**
4. Logos
5. Add Audio
6. Add Shopify
7. Set up my downloadable forms and signature pages
8. Connect everything to all my accounts
9. Create a business Facebook Page
10. Potentially continue to work with me to produce instagram uploads/mimes
11. Set up Mail Chimp
12. Set up an email announcement of my new website and upcoming events
13. Set up a calendly to buy and book appointments
14. Set up the call to action