Assistance needed to prepare draft blog posts



$50 - $100

Required skills:


Seeking someone to draft blog articles 1-2 times per month. Topics to common foot pain causes, treatments, and new technologies. Plantar fasciitis (PF) has grown to become a common catch phrase for heel pain. We are a company that develped the first wearable arch support wrap to address PF and other common foot pain. We deal with every person that has experienced foot pain, or know someone suffering from it.
Anyone on their feet; athletes, nurses, restaurant workers, postal carriers, dancers, dog walkers, etc. Everyone can use the product. visit to get more information or search "Strutz" on youtube. We started out as an "as seen on TV" prodcut and are now moving more mainstream and building the brand online.

Ideal candidate has excellent writing skills, background in science and sports helpful and an interest in helping build a new brand in the consumer health market space.