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Edit any Video Slideshow

I love creating special slideshow video projects for people. I'm a college student at Cleveland State University. My major is in Film & Media Arts, and my track in post-production. I became certified for Adobe Premiere Pro, and with these skills, that can help companies and organizations have a valuable video.

I will provide you with the following:

I will provide the transition, and The caption will have an underlying dissolve. I will offer free public domain music ( unless you have music that you specifically want to use. The video format will be mp4.

I will need the image files to make the video.

I DO NOT take image files in Raw image files or TIFF.
These two files will make the video file big. The image will be hard to download or upload.
If you want to check out my portfolio, here's a link to my website at

If you have any questions or more, please contact me before ordering at
3 days