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Projects for students

All projects that are posted on Rookiework are specifically for students. Small business owners can't be good at everything they need to succeed. They have many projects they need help with, and they are looking for students to help them.

Many different skills

Rookiework is a young website with a small but growing user base. But we've already seen that the small business owners have many different types of projects that require many different skill sets.

Always get paid

We collect the payments from the business owners for you before the project starts and release it to you when the project is complete. That way, you always get paid for the projects you complete.

Fair payment for your work

It's up to you to determine the amount in your bid for each project. We allow any bids between $5 and $5,000. There is a wide array of project sizes and bid amounts, but the average amount for a project is around $300.
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