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I can proofread school papers, speeches, etc. I will give feedback on which parts should be revised or taken out as well as fixing grammatical and syntax errors. In most cases I will likely need much less than a whole week to complete the proofreading, but of course that just depends on the size of the project. However, I don't do papers that exceed 10 pages. I only proofread one project per purchase - if you send more than one project for me to proofread I will only do one. Separate projects require separate payment. You must provide the papers that I will be proofreading via email. My price is high but that's because I will send you back a new paper with revisions already made, a copy of the original paper showing what parts were corrected, and if necessary I will also include a list of the things I think you should consider revising as far as actual writing content goes. Be aware that I cannot start proofreading until I recieve the email containing your paper; I recommend emailing me as soon as you can.
7 days