Rookiework | biatolen

Voiceover and Voice Acting

I will give you a professionally recorded voiceover or a character of your choice. I can voice anything from educational recordings, to voicemails, to fleshed out characters for animations or video games.

I have six years of theatre, improv, and teaching experience that translates directly into my voice. As a teacher and tutor for the past six years, I understand how important it is to keep an engaging tone for all listeners to participate in.

In voice acting, I can go from being strong and comandeering for a leader-type voice, to being a shy and quiet girl-next-door. I am great at playing up bigger characters and love to give you what you need to make your character come to life.

Please give me the script, the style in which you would like it read, and I will give you two rounds of audio- a first pass and a final cut. Please let me know any notes after the first pass. If no notes are needed, the first pass is yours to keep.

This will be delivered to you as an MP3 file or, if oyu so choose, a different deliverable that Audacity is capable of exporting in.
This pricing is for 10 minutes of voice work with light editing. This pricing is also fit for 10 minutes of interactive voice response prompts that you provide.
3 days