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"Handwritten" Thank You Letters

Have you ever wanted to commission a writer to write dozens of thank you letters but do not want the trouble of the hours of work, not to mention the back and forth of physical supplies? I offer an easy solution- digitized handwritten letters!

You give me the size of your letter, the style of writing you would like, and the message (up to 250 words) along with the names of the individuals you would like letters written for. Then, I write up the letters and give you the PNGs. Alternatively, for an added $15 I can stitch them all into a print-ready PDF file so you take out all the work on your end. Then, stick your letters/cards into your printer and you get your "handwritten" letters at the fraction of the work.

I can also do this if you would like handwritten tags for your items for labeling.

The pricing for this listing is for 50 letters.
3 days