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Resume and Cover Letter Guidance (LinkedIn Inclusive!)

I will help you reformat, add to, and frame your resume and cover letter to help you look the best to prospective employers. I can also help you revamp your LinkedIn profile so that you can shine against the competition.

As a copywriter and an English teacher, I specialize in rhetoric and composition. I know how to reword your experiences to help fit the jobs you want to go for, whether that be in a traditional resume and cover letter or in your LinkedIn profile. I have seen a large number of resumes as an administrative assistant, and I understand what qualities an employer may be looking for.

I would need your current resume and cover letter, along with what jobs you are looking into. You can also send in all your experience that you have and we can talk about what kinds of experiences you have to add to your resume. Even if you don't have a lot of professional experience, even academic achievements can go a long way.

This price is for an hour and a half long consultation about your resume and cover letter. This pricing can also count for an hour and a half long consultation about your LinkedIn profile.
3 days