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Professional Organizer

If you're having trouble getting started on a planner, or if you want to put your life into some Google Calendars but don't know how, not to worry- I'm here to help you navigate the difficult world of organization.

I would need to know your needs and waht you are looking for in terms of a professional organizer. If you are a student, I would want to know your schedule and the idiosyncrasies of it to ensure a clear scheduling pattern. If you are a new professional to the freelancing world, I can help you set up a schedule that works with your working habits and help you develop a pattern to strengthen your discipline.

This price is for helping set up a planner guide, a Google Calendar routine, or dive into productivity tips. Please choose one when booking the service, and I would be glad to communicate with you in a two-hour session (which can be broken up into two one-hour sessions) to tackle what you need.
3 days