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Handwriting Transcription

If you need some papers digitized for your business or if you have handwritten notes that you would like typed up, I will digitize those documents for you.

As someone who taught writing for four years with elementary and middle school students, I have seen different types of handwriting across the board. I have experience in writing these essays up. I have an average of 85-89 WPM typing, and I can write on Google Docs or on Microsoft Word.

I will need your scanned pages delivered. This can be in PDF form or in PNG/JPEG form. Please take clear scans or pictures of the documents to ensure an accurate result.

If you have a more complicated document where you need to keep formatting or if you have a payment sheet, we can discuss your needs and how we can navigate through the instructions and compensation.

This price is for a one-page document without formatting requirements.
3 days