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Comedy Video Editing - YouTube And More!

I will take your video file and edit it down and add comedic effects to it. This can include smash cuts, folley, and especially snarky commentary about what is going on in the video. The video can be anything from video game play to a personal vlog.

You will give me the main block of video as well as any other media files like music, text, or pictures. I will stitch together these components to your instructions, and can also add simple effects like small emojis popping up or my own text superimposing on certain images. You may also give instructions that are timestamped so I know what to specifically edit out/add-in.

The deliverable will be an MP4 or WAV file, depending on what you are looking for. Please contact me about any questions on expectations and pricing.

This pricing is for editing a 2 hour block of video.
7 days