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Brainstorming & Outlining for Academic Writing (Perfect for Parents!)

I will walk you or your student through the writing process and work with you at the start of it: brainstorming and outlining. I'll give you a solid foundation so you can have an easier time working through the rest of your essay.

As someone who was a writing teacher for 4 years and as someone who studies English pedagogy for my future career, I understand that there are plenty of people who have difficulty with the writing process. I am simply here to help guide you through a brainstorming session.

Please provide me with the prompt and what you currently have written down (and it's okay if that is nothing! We can always start from scratch). It would also be helpful to know your level in high school/university and the subject that this essay will be written in. If you have any worries about the prompt or some bad habits in writing that you want to cut out, I would also love to know so that I can make you a more personalized plan of attack.

This price covers a thirty-minute-long conversation about your assignment, content ideas, and organization. It also includes any notes that I have for you about resources and writing methods.

Note that I am not offering writing services, but a way for you to talk with someone about your difficulties in writing and be consulted in the ways you can work around your difficulties. I will also give you writing tips and resources to help you work through your thoughts. If you would like extensions on this session, more tips and resources, and further editing down the line, I would be happy to keep in contact with you.
2 days