About Us

What is Rookiework?

Rookiework is a small start-up business, based in Minneapolis, MN, with a big dream: making small businesses competitive against large corporations. We believe in entrepreneurship and innovation, and we love small businesses and start-ups. Our contribution to the success of small businesses is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between them and talented students with complementing skills, and to give them the tools they need to succeed. We might just help some students pay for their education along the way.

Why does Rookiework exist?

Small businesses cannot afford the same luxuries as large corporations, and are often forced to perform non-core functions, such as web design or advertising, on their own. At the same time, talented students with these skills are struggling to pay for school and are forced to work in minimum-wage jobs. We believe talented students and small businesses can help each other. A student can provide services at a much lower cost that a consulting agency, and they would love to work with their talent and passion. Rookiework exists to create this partnership and help it succeed.

Who is making it happen?

Thomas Storfjord (Founder)

A Norwegian who fell in love with American small business while he studied at the University of North Dakota. With a background in Supply Chain Management and enterprise computer systems, he strives to provide the best tools possible for small businesses and students to succeed at their projects.

Amanda Carlson (Business Developer)

A strong woman who has overcome personal challenges most would fail. If cancer couldn’t stop her, we don’t know what will. Amanda’s background is in small business development, and she loves seeing her clients succeed and their businesses grow. She passionately believes in Rookiework’s dream and she is not afraid to share it.