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Content Writing

Hi! I'm Janita and I'm a jack of all trades, at least when it comes to content writing. Be it Research or SEO based articles, Press Releases, or creative stuff like Blogs, or social media captions, I can do it all.

All I need is a topic, a deadline, and I'll write whatever it is you need me to.

If you have any specifications about the work, for instance, it should be fact based or light humored etcetera, let me know.

I assure you there won't be any plaigarism and I always check my work on grammarly before submitting it, so it'll be free of any errors whatsoever.

I have been working as a freelance content writer for the past two years and have worked on Research or SEO based articles, Press Releases, Case Studies, Captions for Social Media, Product Reviews, Blogs etcetera.

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