Rookiework | Edward155

Social Media Manager

I will be your personal Social media manager. I will setup, manage, and produce relevant content for you or your business. I have experience in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin marketing. I will actively engage with your audience and reply to all comments and inquiries.
Every two weeks I will produce a short report detailing the results and improvements of each channel.

I do not consider myself a growth hacker so don't expect significant growth in followers. All the followers I obtain will be done organically by posting, commenting and engaging with other users in your domain.

Number of posts per day (*This could vary depending on the needs of your business*)

Instagram: 2 posts/day
Facebook: 1 post/day
Twitter: 1post/day
LinkedIn: 1post/day

Add-on: I do have some experience in photo/video editing so I can edit any photos or short videos you might have.

14 days